Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo post! - Philippines Edition

Sunset and my knees on White Beach
The boats lined up for the night, Tom reading, and some hipster.
In the middle is the most slatternly dish on the island - Wanton Noodles
A picture of other people taking pictures of the sunset!
The local rhum, which Tom assures me is good - 40 pesos = $1.20
The Hobbit House bar and restaurant. ALL of the staff are Little People. 
A blended mojito on the beach for dinner - yum!

Icecream, Filipino-style. Mine were avocado (green) and yam (purple)
Tom's were melon (orange) and CHEESE! (yellow)

A little bit of NZ with Tom's breakfast!

A chubby with a Chubby - I've sent a few of these back home!
On Saturday, kids prowled the beach selling jewellery. It made me sad, but they were experts at being annoying.
Tom and I in a tricycle on the way to the airport - scary but awesome.

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