Thursday, March 31, 2011

Write Your Own Lunch Pun - Day Four

Lunch is getting stranger. I'm now almost certain the lunch ladies are trying to scare or confuse me into shutting this thing down. Think I'm paranoid? Check out today's offering. . .

Okay, so my phone battery died and I had to improvise. Also, all my students now think I'm weird(er) because I sat alone writing notes and drawing in my diary during lunch. Whatever, I'm pretty sure the lunch ladies are going to kill me before the end of the week, so now's not the time to be worrying about what other people think. 

To be fair, my shitty MS Paint skills make this lunch look worse than it actually was. But only a bit worse. Let's start with the rice at the bottom right. Today's rice had some small purple grains mixed in, which dye the whole thing purple. They also give it a mushiness and a sweet, slightly fruity flavour. It's okay, for something which is pretty much an exercise in making rice worse.

Next to the rice is today's soup. Let's get a closer look:
The broth is quite good for the first few mouthfuls, but it gets old fast and turns into that same fart soup from the other day. The noodles were good, but of course they are overcooked and have taken on the fart flavour from the soup. Same goes for the veges.

Above the soup is a savory Korean pancake called pajeon. This stuff can be tasty, but it's often served cold which makes it clammy and gross. It can also be undercooked (shocking I know), and quite doughy. This one is medium-shitty, lukewarm with a weirdly sticky texture. It's still the best pancake I've had at school, but that's not saying much. Pajeon often has squid or other seafood, plus spring onion and various other veges. Today's one is a bit boring in comparison, with only spring onion and some mysterious red vege.
The most notable thing about today's lunch is the absence of cabbage kimchi. Clearly this had been done on purpose to make me look stupid for saying that we have it everyday. The sky isn't all falling though, we did have radish kimchi, to the left of the pancake. The red spray paint is the red pepper paste. I actually really like this stuff, maybe because we don't have it too often. The radish cubes are crunchy and they have a nice level of chili and vinegar. 

Today's protein is at the top right. It's tiny eggs. I don't know what birds (I hope they're birds, please, Korea, let them be birds) lay these, but they taste pretty similar to hens' eggs. They're that colour because they've been either preserved or cooked in a brown liquid, I'm really not sure which. I'm leaning towards preserved, since they have a mushy, slightly rotten tasting yolk. I have never tasted the liquid before, but I forced myself to try it for the sake of this blog. It looks a lot like coffee, a very dark brown with a pale brown cremer. It really just tastes like what it is: a very thin, very salty soy sauce with mushy egg debris in it. 

Here's today's Random Korean Insanity, a doll sitting in the window of a shop in the bus terminal that sells mobile phone cases.
Today's RKI should really be the fact that there are ALOT of shops in Korea that sell only mobile phone cases and creepy dolls.

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