Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Teaching Materials.

Korean plementary/primary schools have a few sets of standardised, government-supplied curriculum complete with textbooks and CD-roms. This comes in handy when you need to plan a lesson as every other elementary-level English teacher is also probably going to be completing the same (or similar) lesson as you that week. We teachers have banded together and as a result there are a ton of awesome lesson plans/games/resources found on this here website

However, the CD-Roms and books are sometimes deeply troubling. In this ongoing series, I will highlight the troubling aspects I am able to capture with my lowly work computer, ALT + Print Screen and Microsoft Paint.

I saw this image and immediately worried that the lesson was going to have this student choke to death. Her fist, clutched at her throat! The pursed lips! The crooked eyebrow and wide, staring eyes!

Target Language: I'm thirsty!

This kid. Maybe I've cropped the image poorly but he's leering and winking at his blonde, buxom teacher. The wink is accompanied by an energetic grab at his stomach/nether regions. It's creepy.

Target Language: I'm hungry. May I eat this cake?

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