Friday, December 7, 2012

Third Time's A Charm (Part Two)

So, we moved. It was a bit of a challenge but so worth it. If you're my mum or my sister, you've probably wanted to see our new place for a while and the last post didn't help with the suspense. I'm sorry.

To help you understand how much of an improvement our current apartment is, please familiarise yourself with our most recent hovel here and the shoebox we inhabited in Buan here. To make it clear: I preferred the Buan apartment, but our current apartment leaves both in the dust. 

Here's the tour:

I get all weird in the middle because I remembered something awesome!

I used the super cool Panorama feature from my fance phone to take these pics. Enjoy/feel nauseated.

Front door - office - kitchen - laundry area - bathroom door.
Laundry area - bathroom door - bedroom - wardrobes - front door.
Magestic Kitchen of Majesty
Amazing horse tapestry - boyfriend and sofa - 'sofa' - New Zealand flag concealing crawlspace entrance.
I missed a couple of things in the video tour, so here they are.

First, through our bedroom window there's a little 'conservatory' which gets good afternoon sun and is where we store our herb planters. The coriander's doing quite well but everything else looks depressed.

We've also got a little patio area accessed through the door in our bedroom. It's ridiculously narrow but was an okay place for the smokers to hang out when we had a party recently.

Our red sofa is a futon and we've got some spare blankets, so there's no reason to stay away. Ha.


  1. Hi guys that all looks very cosy esp the home theatre. Is it especially cold there? I hear the baddies in the North cancelled their sports day cos of snow. xP

  2. That was not Coco that was me! Get off my computer girl!

  3. Hi Peter, it's -6 at the moment, but I've heard it gets down to -20. There's been a lot of snow here too, I'll try to take a few pics on my way home.