Friday, February 8, 2013

Story Dog

A couple of months ago I went to Seoul with my friend, to show her the ropes and hopefully visit Bow House again. Alas, like many of the places we visited in Korea 1.0, it was closed, so I got my nose pierced instead.

And then a few weeks ago Tom and I got some awesome news - a new dog cafe had opened in Jecheon! It's above a puppy shop I already knew about, so we had to visit. The puppy shop sells small, fluffy designer dogs (nothing bigger than a miniature poodle) so I wasn't completely surprised when the only dogs on offer at the cafe were bite-sized. As the cafe had just opened, we were pretty much the only customers so we had our pick of mini dogs and we took advantage.

All the dogs in the cafe were total bitches, and there was a sign outside advising customers not to bring male dogs into the store - I am fairly certain the cafe dogs are also supplying the store downstairs, if you know what I'm saying.

Half Bear Half Dog

We went back yesterday with some friends and learned there's also a cat cafe in Jecheon too! That's this weekend's plans sorted.

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