Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KTK on Tour: Malaysia and Nepal

A few photo highlights from the trip so far. We had two days in Kuala Lumpur before coming to Nepal for a week. We've been sightseeing in Kathmandu and visited the amazing Chitwan National Park and the lake city of Pokhara.

Delicious roti in KL. Too delicious to take a photo of before eating, apparently. The big one one the left is an incredible banana roti.
Frangipani growng outside KL's main railway station.
The entrance to Batu Caves, a Hindu shrine near KL.
It's Domo-kun, Asia's favourite screaming rectangle.
Bhudhanath, Kathmandu.

Buddhist painting from a school near Boudhanath.


Durbar Square in Pathan, Nepal.

Bathing an elephant at Chitwan National Park.

We saw a mother and baby rhino in the wild on our elephant safari in Chitwan National Park. Baby rhino not pictured due to shoddy photography skills.
Sunset at Chitwan National Park.
Rush hour Nepal style. The roads are very narrow here and the traffic is nuts.
The Himalayas from the air.
The tall one at the back is Everest.