Thursday, April 7, 2011

Korea Makes Me Sick

Literally. Since I've been here I've had 7 colds, including the Korean 'Death Cold' which was the worst 24 hours of pain in my life. I've had dermatitis, a bladder infection and some lady problems I will discuss after a bit of soju. My doctor ends his appointments with a cheery 'see you in a month!' and the pharmacist grins when I come in the door. Now I am experiencing a fresh hell:

On Sunday I slipped while doing laundry - like the shower in our bathroom, the water from the washing machine drains through a hole in the floor. One leg went one way while the other slammed itself into the clothes horse and came down hard on the step into the laundry itself. After limping around all Monday I went with my coteacher to one of the hospitals in town (there's 5!) to check myself out.

The doctor was the most impersonal I've met in Korea, and spoke the least amount of English. I've actually been impressed with Buan's Medical personnel, each of the doctors I've visited have been friendly and fluent enough that I've only had to pull out my cellphone dictionary a few times. This guy glanced at my foot, shooed me away for an x-ray, called me back in and pronounced my little toe to be broken. The only physical contact he utilised was to poke me in the toe, hard, until I cried out. Bastard.

The x-ray technician was in charge of suitably trussing up my foot, and now I have to wear this hideous contraption for 4 weeks until I am healed. This is the first time I've broken a bone and I'm a little disappointed the experience wasn't more impressive. Okay, I lie. I'm really disappointed. 

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