Monday, April 18, 2011

Sent from my iPod

I bought myself a shiny new toy which has meant living frugally for the month of April (not a bad thing, considering my bank went out of service for three days). It also means I have another thing to fascinate my kids with. Here's a few pics and videos gleaned from my iPod. 

Suggestive hairdressing in Jeonju

Springggg (AKA not Winter. Assa!)

Petrol station/boat in Gomso

Awesome kid with an awesome mullet!

One of my 6th graders. Naughty but cute!

My 6th grade class as I escaped last Friday. The girl in the glasses is Korean Dan.

This little chub is one of my favourite 5th graders. 

My gorgeous students and some ginger fro.
And some videos:

My 5th grade class

I'm teaching them adjectives - this kid was making his 'ugly' face.

And finally, my 3rd Grade class at Gomso Elementary School. Putting the kids on wheely seats rates up there with Shittest Idea Ever. I showed this to my coteacher and she hasn't complained about our classes since.

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