Monday, November 12, 2012

It's getting cold.

The temperature gauge in our apartment says 19 degrees but I'm pretty sure it's lying. I'm sitting in my onesie and feeling chilly, and for the past week or so I've been snapping at everyone who leaves the office door open and lets in the cold. In other words, winter is coming.

In order to combat the cold-ass winters, Korea comes up with some pretty cute things. I haven't yet invested in a USB-powered heated cushion (I will soon, believe me) but I have ordered my onesie, some winter boots and I've picked up a few of the cuties in the video below.

Please excuse the shakiness, here is a behind the scenes factoid: I filmed this while walking home from school. About 45 seconds in, I turned around to see that there were people coming and I was holding a hand warmer and talking to myself LIKE A CRAZY so I started walking and talking to combat this. Classy.

Here's what the handwarmers look like in photographic form. You can see the metal disc that you have to 'click' to set them off.


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