Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seoul Mates

Excuse the terrible pun, I couldn't help myself. Or don't excuse it and just embrace it, realising that Seoul is the most glorious name for a city if you need to make puns about a city. I'm digressing.

Last weekend we left Jecheon for the first time in a while and went to Seoul to see some friends and attend a birthday party. Friday night featured some great company, delicious barbecue and this sign:

On Saturday morning we headed out to Deoksu Palace as there's currently an art installation running within the grounds. The art itself wasn't to my tastes except for one room full of golden chairs. 

I guess I'm swayed by pieces you can sit down. I like my art to be lazy.

It's getting cold but the day was bright and warm, and the grounds were fairly crowded. 

Autumn is hitting Seoul a little later than Jecheon, the maple is still green but the ginkgo was a beautiful, bright gold.

Can you see Tom?
The palace features a regular changing of the guard ceremony, with a cast in full traditional hanbok. This guy was about as bored as my 6th graders during dictation. He leaned his head on his flagpole and looked bereft.

In the evening we went out for an amazing dinner followed by the worst night's sleep in a hostel - seriously, if you're staying in Korea opt for a Love Motel. I might even write a post about how to book and find one so others don't experience the crap I went through on Saturday. On Sunday my evening was almost redeemed, as we managed to buy fresh coriander, sour cream and some dried beans... burritos ahoy!

After a lunch of western-style food (fish & chips for Tom, a pie for me) we caught the train. One of the many things I like about living in Jecheon is heading home through mountains and past villages. It was spectacular to be able to see autumn's progress up the country in one train ride. 

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