Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Hong Kong Random

One of the streets seen from the Mid-Levels escalator.

I think this was practice for a cultural day, or something. There was a large-ish group of women, dressed up and dancing. Nearby there was another group practicing a hip-hop routine.

Herb-heavy jelly at Yum Cha.

The local TAB/Bookies on Lamma Island. Everyone was huddled under a tiny, smoky canopy watching horse racing on a TV which is locked into a metal cabinet when not in use.

I've always wanted to see a Geoduck, because they're so weird.  I think I'd forgotten that they're huge too - these are around 40cm long, including the.. uh... protrusion.

In the lead up to Chinese New Year, many of the stores were guarded by mandarin trees laden with perfect fruit. I thought they were fake until I saw one which had been harvested by a passerby.

Bright lights in the back seat.

Tons of super cheap vending machine knick-knacks. I bought several and I've posted them home to the lucky few.

My last meal - airport BBQ pork buns, bubble tea and custard tarts. I really need to find some dim sum in Korea.

Hazy Hong Kong as I fly out.

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