Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring is Springing!

Although it's still cold, it's been less cold than the horrors of November - February and there are signs of one of Korea's two good seasons - spring. I even went without my coat one day last week! Amazing. School is back in full force which has meant feeling super tired/lazy in the evenings and weekends in. I ventured out last weekend and bought myself an assortment of weird planters from my favourite shop - Daiso.

Asparagus, blueberries, basil, tomatoes, strawberries. 
 Each kit costs about 1,000 won ($1.10 NZ, man the exchange rate isn't doing good things for me at the moment.) Inside you'll find everything you need to get planting.

Left - right - seed baggie, earth, pot.
 The basil and asparagus came with a bag of loose soil, but the blueberries, tomatoes and strawberries came with little dried pucks of compacted earth, quite a bit like those coin-sized flannels/face towels you sometimes get, somewhere. I emptied the pucks into the pot, topped them up with water and after a few minutes I was greeted with what looked like a fresh turd of earth in each cup.

There's about three seeds per planter, so I followed the instructions and I'm waiting patiently for them to sprout. I've also rejuvenated our herb garden from last year - the sage, thyme and oregano survived the winter, I'm on crop 2 of basil and coriander.

It's not quite gorgeous cherry blossom season yet, but there's dots of colour poking through the grey and brown landscape. Korea isn't pretty in winter so I'm glad for the change. 

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