Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Flower Through Concrete

Korean winter is so bleak and miserable and cold and awful that spring arriving is just positively joyous. I think because New Zealand weather is so changeable all year round, I don't appreciate the difference between seasons because it's relatively imperceptible. In Korea, it feels as if a day ago it was winter, and now it's spring, and when summer hits it's the same - one day it's breezy and cool, the next it's humid and awful. It's odd having such defined seasons.

Anyway, the best thing about spring is undoubtedly the blossoms. In Buan we had to go to Gimje to see them, but Jecheon's main street is lined with beautiful, petal-laden trees. Cheongpung Lake is also ringed with cherry blossom trees - we were going to visit over the weekend, but it rained on Saturday and then when a ten minute bus ride took thirty minutes because of insane traffic, we decided to just appreciate the flowers near our apartment instead.

My phone is utterly crammed with pictures, here's a few of the ones I really like.


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  1. Blossoms are amazing. Liked your comment about the changing seasons - being a definite step in weather - NZ all jumbled up into one day sometimes and tentative about whether it wants to be another your blog as always. Mum