Saturday, April 27, 2013

Korea From My Phone

Super sweet and friendly dog near our apartment. If I walk past, I always stop for a few pets and to be jumped on!

We went and camped on a beach for a friend's birthday a month ago. It was cold, windy and miserable but for a while the wind died down, we lit a fire and had a great time. Then the police came, told us to move, it started rainy and was miserable again. Fun times!

Check out what I found at our local Emart for $1.60. Wish they had the black version though. Mmm.

Exercise machines at the park in town also come with a kid-friendly seat. I thought that when you pedaled  the seat might spin around but no such luck (I'd make a terrible parent).

Tom and I went to the local university campus for some Quiznos (Subway-esque sandwiches) and walked home the long way. We spotted this cat exploring the rice paddies and nearly, nearly got a cuddle! See if you can spot us in that photo.

One of the glories of spring! Umbrella Condoms! You put your umbrella in them and it prevents dripping, hurr hurr. 

Yesterday I left school, and this cutie (who couldn't have been older than three) was minding his toddler sibling. I was looking for their parents and waved, and got a big wave and an 'ANNYEONG!' from the kid in the pram, and a proper bow and 'ANNYEONGHASEYO!' from the babysitter. It was so impossibly cute and refreshing - most kids are a little scared of me - that I forgot to change out of my work shoes. I had to walk back to school which prompted another round of bows, waves, and 'ANNYEONG!'s and then my brain exploded from cuteness. I'm dead now.

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