Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Safe For Work

After getting the bus back to Samcheok from the cave, we boarded another bus to Haesindang Park. The bus terminal staff are clearly used to waygooks on the penis hunt, and they gave us a print out of the bus timetable for the park before we had a chance to ask for tickets. It's a 50 minute ride along the coast, and we were shooed off the bus at the right stop by a few locals who knew what we were up to.

The park spans a few square kilometres and aside from the most obvious attractions, it boasts a gorgeous view of Korea's rugged Eastern coastline. 

Entrance to the park is 3,000 won and you can go in through the back if you want (hyuk hyuk). We started at the top of the hill and worked our way down. Now a disclaimer: This park is full of penis statues. If you are reading this at work I advise you to check over your shoulder NOW to make sure you won't get caught, or play it safe and read this at home. I'll give you a bit more text in case you've accidentally scrolled too far, and use this opportunity to tell you why there is a park full of penises on a hillside in Korea.

Legend has it that in the local fishing village there was once a young maiden who was engaged. One day she was out collecting seaweed from the rocks when a storm rose up and dragged her out to sea. Sadly, (but really happily, as the next part of the story is AMAZING) she drowned. Shortly after her death, the fishermen's catches began to dwindle, until they weren't able to survive on the sea's meagre offerings.

A fisherman relieving himself off the rocks noticed that when he exposed his genitals to urinate, he was able to hook a few fish. Remembering the deceased maiden, he realised that her lust for penis was scaring the fish away! He got some of his fisherbuddies together, and they carved wooden dildos and threw them into the water to appease her. This did the trick, and soon the village was awash with fish! To ensure the maiden would never go unsatisfied, they set up the penis park on the shore to keep the fish around year-long. I am not making this up.

Chillin out on a marble penis.
A park full of penises is ideal for kids!

Every time I clicked 'Extra Large' on these pictures I giggled.

Statues of the 'Eureka!' moment when the fishermen solved all their problems.


This thing actually moves, but doesn't spray water from the tip. Gutted.

A shrine to the woman who started it all.

The local lighthouse.

Souvenirs at the gift shop. I got a shot glass with a penis in it, I use it to measure spices.
It was a bitch to get there, and we didn't get back until half an hour before work started on Monday, but it was a great trip overall and worth it just for the puns. Recommended.


  1. Penises everywhere in Asia! Penis parades in Japan, oh and I went to Bali and discovered penises are popular souvenirs there too.

  2. I LOVE how prudish Korea is but that it has places like this, and Love Land on Jeju Island. I can't WAIT to go there, it's going to be amazing!

  3. This is.. the best thing I have seen in ages.

  4. ★★★★★