Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busan, forever ago.

Tom and I both got Bonus Weeks Off in February (one of the perks of working in a rural area = extra holidays above the 20 allowed in our contract) so we went to Busan and the aquarium. I'm a bit obsessed with aquariums since visiting the excellent one in Beijing and the Busan one was pretty darn good. 

It's located right on Busan's famous Haeundae Beach and costs 18,000 won, a bit more if you want to watch a 3-D movie or sit in a glass bottom boat. It's also located underground, it felt pretty weird taking the escalator at the beach. 

 Although I'm fond of visiting aquariums I'm rubbish at taking pictures. Here's a few of the 'good' ones.
Best Penguin EVER. (Sorry Pororo)
Upside-down jellyfish. They are super lazy and I approve of their lifestyle choice.
The aquarium has an awesome collection (is collection the right word?) of coral and anemones.
Wish I didn't suck at taking pictures. 
Chillin with some puffer fish (not pictured.)
After walking around inside for a few hours, we took a break in the (free!) hot spring located next door. It's basically a big tub of warm mineral water with a view of the beach. Good call, Busan. I really appreciated soaking my feet.

Also cool: Free wi-fi! YEAH BUSAN!

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