Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last weekend we went on a Halloween Booze Cruise hosted by Adventure Korea. We've been on trips with them before - here's one - they're a rad English-language tour company offering weekend trips to mostly English-teacher clientele. When a Jecheonian (that's a person who lives in Jecheon) posted about the cruise I bought tickets as soon as I could. The premise was pretty simple - 50,000 won, 4 hours on a boat, unlimited craft beer and limited unhealthy foods. 

In the weeks preceding I ordered pieces of my costume online and completed some liver training. Tom also ordered some stuff online and it came to my school, which lead to the staff in my office looking at me weird and not talking to me for a few hours.

The day dawned bright and rainy. We caught the train to Seoul and checked into our new favourite Love Motel in Jongno - the woman who owns the place doesn't speak any English and thinks we're hilarious, so when we stomped downstairs in full costume she keeled over laughing. Success!


Honey Boo Boo and her boyfriend Walter White. Honey Boo Boo isn't the cultural phenomenon in Korea that she really should be but my go-go juice went down a treat. I also entertained a section of our subway carriage by putting falsies on en route to the ferry terminal - pro tip - put on the false nails before the false lashes or you'll just end up with eyelids covered in glue.

Tom looked absolutely amazing, and was stopped on the street by several people who wanted to shake his hand or take a picture. I told them not to make him mad.

The boat trip was rad, but mostly because we had excellent company - the beer wasn't that great, the place was crowded and there weren't enough toilets but we played a bunch of drinking games, told stories and generally had a fantastic time. After we'd docked we continued the party in Hongdae and kept our costumes on. 

That's commitment.

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