Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Korea from my Phone

Having a smart phone might be the best thing that's ever happened to me. It's certainly the best thing that's ever happened to my ability to take pictures wherever and then put them on this blog without a cord. I love you, phone. 

Below are some pics from things Tom and I have done while not leaving Jecheon. Enjoy!

It's harvest season, this guy's motorbike was absolutely loaded up with peanut plants. Before I came to Korea I had no idea what a peanut bush looked like - I assumed they were taller than me and they're actually squat little things yielding a relatively small amount of peanutty goodness.

After a delicious dinner at the dakgalbi restaurant near our apartment, we went bowling with some friends. It was ridiculously cheap - about $7 each for 2 ... rounds?... and shoe rental. Tom did okay but I royally sucked. My first score was 23, and most of that was from the faulty pin-rearranger (????) which kept knocking them down for me. All these technical terms are showing you my mad bowling skillz.

Last weekend we went to the e-Mart just outside of town to stock up on things we can't buy at the various marts near our apartment and schools. Along with some cut-price NZ cheese (14,000 won a kilo, bargain!) I found this advertising gem.

What could this perky, smiley, attractive young woman be advertising?

Sanitary pads, of course!

Stay tuned for more lazy blogging in future. 

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