Thursday, October 4, 2012


A hot new thing in Korea is DIY Chemical Foot Peels. All of the myriad beauty shops have their own version, so for about $9 NZD you can put liquid on your feet that eventually helps you shed like a snake.

I got a 2 for 1 pack from Tony Moly for 12,000 won and it came in a box promising creepy sparkling baby feet. What's not to like?

Okay, I'm just going to put this beautiful picture in here because below there are a lot of images of my feet and they are gross. Here is some cosmos, an autumn flower that blooms along the roadside near where I walk to work.

And here are my pre-treatment feet. Dry, pretty gross, battered.

I strapped my feet into some plastic booties and poured a sachet of liquid into each. The instructions tell you to keep these babies on for an hour and a half, so I trotted around the apartment until I popped a bootie and had to sit down before chemical magic was tracked all the way through the apartment.

Post-treatment my feet smelt pretty good (as feet go) and were clean, but not peely. The waiting began. the box says it takes 4-6 days to completely slough off the grossness and true to form my feet looked like this on day 4.


The grossness worsened between days 5-7, and although I was instructed to let things peel naturally I couldn't resist and god damn, it was satisfying.

Day 7, after walking around Seoul in jandals.

I'm now on day 10, and although my feet aren't sparkly they're soft and as pretty as they'll ever be ... ie not very. Totally recommended, if you want a pack and it's legal to post I'll send you some.

Also - photographing the bottom of your feet is really, really challenging.