Friday, September 28, 2012


Now that I've got a fancy phone I thought I could start documenting my school lunches. Here's what I ate yesterday. 

It's Chuseok this weekend, and to ease us into the holiday all classes were cancelled. Most of the kids were on a school trip or having a mini sports/cooking day. The school paid for us to order takeout and as we sat and slurped our noodles, a parade of 6th graders came into the classroom bearing different types of gimbap. Below is the cluttered table, this is food for 5 people. 5 people! Ack.  

After lunch I went back to my job *cough* watching bad TV shows *cough* and an hour later the principal walked in with a large box of apples, followed by my co-teacher and her husband who had an even larger box of rice cakes. Awesome!

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