Monday, September 24, 2012

Hovel Tour, Take 2

We're going apartment hunting this week (praise be!) but in the mean time here's what our living situation looks like pre-move. If you'd like to refresh your memory, the apartment tour I filmed on the first day is here.

Invisible corner/my wardrobe/bench.
Kitchen - we took the curtain down as it was too ridiculous.
Tom, standing up in our bathroom. 
Bedroom, same-same except we have lamps now.
Living room w/park bench couch. IT IS MADE OF METAL. Metal   ≠   comfort.
Living room part 2.
'Herb Garden.'
Grotesque laundry area.
I cannot wait to move. A note on the pre-clean grossness of our apartment, this is an actual conversation Tom and I had while cleaning:

Me: Is that your blood on the floor?
Tom: *too long of a pause for that question.* Yes, I think it is.

On a happier note, two weeks ago we went to Busan and participated in a scavenger hunt. It was awesome! Our lovely friend Noelle wrote about it and you can read her excellent blog post if you click here.

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