Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Google Translating

My school (along with most other schools, I think) has an instant messaging service used instead of email. Last time I was here I didn't sign up for it for reasons I wish I could get my past self to explain. This time I've signed up although my login-name is still 'David,' apparently the last two English teachers were called David and the Office of Education has inconveniently hired an Anna this time.

The messenger system is fairly helpful, although as I don't read Korean well I have to rely on Google Translate. Here are the best translation fails so far:

Check colorectal overtime trail.

Am sludge official letter will be sent out tomorrow afternoon until just ask

1 Rot teachers helper so that students around the school trash Joule life helper map
2 Events when teachers so you can sing along anthem degree

Temperatures big time. Take a healthy note.

Meetings of the Secondary computer security relationship with the computer, 2 indeed change.

Hi executive offices high steal.


(clothes that are not loud)
Farmer hat seems to be bad in the eyes of the sports day, parents.

To all of these I say: Indeed.


  1. Also, any chance you could disable captchas? I always have to type like 4 in before it posts my comments because the letters are horribly hard to read...unless you were having problems with spam or something of course :-)

  2. Disabled, thank you! No spam troubles for us. (Jinxed myself just then.)