Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Teaching Materials, Part Three

Part one and part two.

It should be noted that this was the FIRST lesson I looked at when I opened up the CD-Rom for 5th Grade. I'm used to teaching students how to ask to go to the bathroom, however I hadn't seen an animated version of them actually going. 

This graphic was accompanied by loud, wet, fart noises usually reserved for stupid movies and ... not educational material. The farting was repeated three times and the scene ended with one final explosion and this relieved face:

Target Language: May I go to the bathroom?

ALSO - a long, long time ago I posted about a lesson where 'a bug FARTED on a small child and made her fall over.' I'm amazed I didn't post more about this as TomTom the evil farting bug became a regular fixture in my lessons. I've finally got proof. In this scene, TomTom's farts broke the TV and the children were forced to stop and clean up his fart dust so they could learn again.

Target Language: The Giraffe is Eating!

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