Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot as Bawls

It's summer in Korea. In New Zealand, summer means beaches and barbecues and delicious cider and Christmas and ohhhh man Korean summer sucks.

We had a couple of weeks of New Zealand-ish summer weather (and one lovely barbecue on our awesome roof) but now it's getting into Korean style real summer. Korean summer means heat, rain, humidity and sweaty, smelly children. I'm pretty sure that summer starts in June, right? I may be from the Southern Hemisphere but I still have an understanding about how seasons work, and although it is summer, damnit, apparently it is not summer enough and at my school we cannot use the air con until July. JULY. July is a mere 7 days away but this is what I look like all day:

Loyal readers may remember me making a similar face back in September. Some days when I get home I want to snuggle with our air con but I don't, only because Tom is already snuggling it.

And it's rainy season too, as of 2 days ago. My walk to school now features an obstacle course of sorts as I slalom between hordes of school children wielding multicoloured umbrellas. If they understood me I'd yell at them to walk in single file, but instead I fume as they chime 'HELLO' at me and dominate the whole pavement. 

Oh god, I almost forgot the other thing. The frogs.

There's a pond next to our apartment. A pond that serves no purpose aside from being filled with fricken frogs who ribbit so loudly you can hear them through our laundry and double doors. After a bout of rain they escape the confines of the rice paddies and useless pond, and hop around the pavement, scaring the crap out of a certain English teacher as she walks home late at night. Ughh, Summer.


  1. haha! I still like summer over winter though.

  2. I am as yet undecided! In both cases I have to huddle inside, either splayed out on the ondol floor or under the air con!