Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Most Embarrassing Incident Of My Life

As well as teaching classes and reading webcomics, my job occasionally involves some marking. This is usually pretty boring. An apparently endless stream of middle schoolers pours into the teachers room. I correct their written assignments and "explain" where they went wrong. This mainly focuses around me saying "Don't use google translate for your English homework" over and over. It's really obvious when they use it. For example, that last sentence "translated" from English to Korean and back to English is "I use it when they're obvious." 

Strangely enough, I do in fact use it when they're obvious. That is, I use Google Translate to tell them not to use Google Translate. Marking is tedious, tiresome, and pretty much useless. Occasionally though, I get a gem of a story. This is one of those.

In other news, the army came to my school today. As I was leaving one of my small country schools there were about eight armed soldiers at the gate with a couple of vehicles. I walked over towards one who looked like he was in charge, pointed towards the bus stop and tried to ask if it was okay for me to leave. He smiled at me like I was a crazy person for asking and motioned for me to go about my business.

I have no idea what it was about, my best guess is some sort of training exercise, but why they felt the need to do it outside a school during school hours is beyond me. I'll try to find out (or, failing that, make something up) when I go back to that school next week. Stay tuned.  

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