Thursday, June 16, 2011

Korean Things I Have Eaten

It's been 11 whole days since I blogged about Korean snacks! How are you coping? Pretty well I expect.

Today's featured Korean deliciousness is the milkshake in a tube.  Solleim (Excitement!) comes in Strawberry (pictured), Cookies and Cream (gross), Coffee (so-so) and Vanilla (the most awesomest!).

When you first grab these things they're usually rock solid and a bit useless, so you have to spend a couple of minutes with them resting on your windowsill or in your pocket, melting ever so slowly. After an appropriate amount of time has passed, you squish the bag until it feels like it's full of loosely packed sand (mmmm!), twist the top and squeeeeeze out some delicious goop. 

They're literally frozen thickshakes and they're pretty tasty. Vanilla's my favourite because it tastes like Milk Shake chewy candy from home. The upside of them being served in bag-form is you can roll up the tube like toothpaste to get out every last drop, the downside is the last drop will probably be your own saliva. GROSS (and thanks, Nicole, for that lasting imagery.)


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