Sunday, June 5, 2011

Korean Things I Have Eaten - Busan/Best Snack Ever Edition

June 6th is Memorial Day here in South Korea, so we got Monday off and decided to go to Busan for the long weekend. As Busan is on the other side of the country (and down a bit) from Buan it's a lifetime on public transport to get there, and the return trip eats up a good part of the weekend. 

We gathered a group together and hopped on an Express Bus on Friday night ready to visit the Haeundae Sand Festival and Yongkungsa and of course, eat some stuff! Tom or I will blog about the touristy stuff in a bit, but now it's snacks only, people. 

This is possibly the best snack ever. I could be a little off-kilter on my judgement as finding, purchasing and chowing down on this thing happened with an epic hangover but I got at least one other person to agree with me and we were both very upset that we may not be able to find this snack in our part of the country. When we finished eating it, we immediately went to buy another one but could not find it anywhere. People of Korea - eat this thing, please. It's amazing and apparently rare.

Kiwi Ah-chak (Kiwi Chomp!)

It looks like a nondescript fruity Korean Popsicle (there are loads of different flavours to choose from here) but it's so much more. The outside is a soft kiwifruit sorbet which is delicious and sweet and tart. When I ate it, I had a huge rush of homesickness as it tastes just like a frozen kiwifruit. New Zealand kiwifruit is sold here in Korea, but is too expensive for me to buy - the cheapest I've seen was about $10 for 6 of them. 

I digress. Beneath the kiwifruit is a pineapple sorbet, but to get to the sorbet you have to chomp through a thin layer of crunchy ice. 

Tried to take a picture but it just looks like a booger.
I'm not sure what flavour the crunchy ice is, but it's got a texture like the shell of an M&M. It cracks under your teeth and then you get a burst of sweet pineapple. When hungover on a hot day in Busan, it tastes like heaven. Sweet, crunchy heaven.


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