Monday, May 16, 2011

Coming in to Full Bloom

I've documented them before but the changing weather has made them crop up everywhere. C & Woobang Land had a particularly fine display that I admired while waiting in line. Sometimes I wanted to pick a few for myself and take them home, but I know that would ruin the spectacle and other people deserve to admire their beauty too.

I'm talking about matching couples, of course. Here goes!

Seodaejeon Station. Just follow the arrow!

Shopping in Mokpo. As Tyra would say, they're matching H to T.

In line for a ride. This picture's not amazing but the match included backpacks.

It counts, right? All together now, 'awwwww!' (spotted at Everland)

Also at Everland. The backpacks are close, but no full match.
Full points for pants, shoes and shirt.
And finally....

We spotted these guys while leaving C & Woobang Land, and although I had to run after them and use my flash, the four of them didn't even flinch when I took their picture. Beautiful, fierce, wonderful, stunning. I want to see more.

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