Monday, May 23, 2011

Korean Things I Have Eaten

These things, right here, which I am about to write about are probably my favourite summertime eats in Korea. I had about one a day on my walks home from school last summer, and I talk myself into buying other stuff to 'review' it here (otherwise I'd buy them all the time.)

They are Red Bean Icecream Fish. Oh man, they are delicious.

This is NOT a fish-flavoured icecream as I briefly thought when I first got here. A waffle cone exterior sandwiches delicious creamy Korean vanilla icecream and a thin layer of mildy sweet red bean.

These babies also have a winter cousin, a fish-shaped version of the poop bread which has led to the best google searches reaching this blog. I tried them once and was extremely grossed out, warm and lumpy red bean is not where it's at.

The secret to ultimate red bean fish icecream deliciousness is to let the icecream melt a little.

Mmmmmm 맛있어요!

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