Friday, May 20, 2011

Korean Things I Have (Not) Eaten

Welcome to another scintillating Korean Snacks Blog Update. This time I have invited in a guest reviewer, Tom. You'll see why in a about 30 seconds (or more, depending on how fast you read.)

Subak (Watermelon) and Mae-ron-ba
I picked up these babies on the way home from class today. I remember Nid raving about them when we visited Seoul in October last year so I was pretty excited. I think they were about 700 won each (maybe 80c). I LOVE how cheap this stuff is, especially considering payday is next Wednesday and I have about $10 until then. Praise be for our well-stocked kitchen and Buan's lack of exciting activities.

I digress. Tom got this one:

Tom says 'it is delicious' and it 'tastes quite similar to a rockmelon' but he wouldn't call it refreshing.

I got this one, and doesn't it look awesome?!

Just like the real thing!
I picked it because I hate rockmelon (or cantaloupe, if you must). I should have learned from years of disappointment that watermelon flavoured stuff always tastes like rockmelon and is therefore gross, so I passed it over to Tom. 

Tom didn't really like it either, he said they taste almost the same but the black seed-like things are probably bits of burnt corn. The verdict: Buy the green one.



  1. Hey I came across your blog from a post in Great blog! By the way I had one of those green watermelon tasting lollies. It tasted like heaven. Im going to stock up my freezer with enough to last me my years stay here!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Matthew! Thanks for reading and commenting :) I'm glad you liked the watermelon things, I think they look cool but as I said I HATE stuff that tastes like rockmelon/cantaloupe :S Fortunately there's so many other delicious things to eat in Korea... so little time.