Saturday, May 7, 2011

Korean Things I Have Eaten - Drunken Snack Edition

A few weeks ago we went on a booze cruise in Incheon, and after a few hours of bouncing around the ocean in a thunderstorm, drinking boutique beer and making awkward conversations with strangers we got back on dry land in search of snacks.

Lining the streets of the more touristy parts of Korea are snack tents, usually manned by an ajumma and serving anything from chicken kebabs to dried octopus limbs. You take your pick from the array of snacks lined up and then they're dunked in a deep fryer for a few minutes and then handed over to your drunk self. The snacks are generally cheap - from 1,000 to 6,000 won, and an assortment of stuff can make up a decent dinner.

Photo nabbed from Seoul Eats. Clockwise from top left corner - tteokbokki, corn/hotdogs, mandu, deep-fried gim and noodles, mandu, battered vegetables, soondae. 
We weren't looking for proper food so we got a hot dog covered in chips. It costs 2,000 won ($2.30) and I think you call these corn dogs in the US.

Photo edited to protect the intoxicated.
The outside of these things is pretty good - crispy and starchy and who doesn't like tomato sauce? Unfortunately the middle is on the gross side. There's a sour taste and the bread sticks to your mouth, and the tiny frankfurter thing in the middle is usually still cold. Even while drunk I ended up throwing most of mine away. 

Instead, I got myself the most badass iceblock available. I love Korean ice blocks and icecream, and it seems like every shop has a different variety.

The hangul says 'Jyo-suh' - Jaws!
Apologies for the wonky angle, there was drunk taken.

Despite being grey this is a fruit flavoured ice block with pink strawberry sorbet in the middle. It's delicious and refreshing! 


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