Sunday, May 29, 2011

Korean Things I Have Eaten

Candy is an integral part of my week. It's what I've requested most from New Zealand (licorice! Pineapple lumps! Jaffas!). It's what I pick up on my walk home after a rough day, and a few pieces of candy can hold the attention of a class of (ordinarily screaming) 6th graders. My coteacher uses candy as a motivator and I'm endlessly amazed at what a kid in Korea will do for something that costs less than a few won. Recently I'd suspected that one of my 6th graders has a crush on me, and this was confirmed when he gifted his hard-earned orange candy to me after class.

This candy is my absolute favourite. I usually have a pack of it in my bag with me at all times. Some of my favourite students have clicked on to my fondness for it and hand me a piece as I walk in to the classroom. It comes in five scrumptious flavours:

Grape, peach, pineapple, cola and strawberry. Guess which one's my favourite?
Apparently this is a Crown-brand knockoff of Japan's Hi-Chew, but having eaten both I can tell you that these are so much better. They're called Saecomdalcom, which means 'sweet' in Korean, but they are sweet and sour and tangy and a total taste explosion. My current favourite Korean word is '아이셔' (ah-ish-yo) which means 'oh my god! It's souurrrr!' and it's appropriate here. I LOVE this stuff. If you want a pack, leave me a comment and I'll (probably) post it out to you. Unless you're in Korea, in which case buy it yourself!


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  1. Hi, I rlly want to try out the peach flavor of this candy! Do you possibly know where i can purchase it in BC, Canada?