Saturday, May 21, 2011


During the lunch break at my school, the students are briefly employed as classroom cleaners but as they don't appear to be compensated for their toiling, they do a crap job. As a result every few days my coteacher cheerily says 'Anna, let's clean the classroom together!' and then puts this song on (featuring lyrics about CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES FALLING. WHY?) and we scurry about for 15 minutes getting the place clean.

This is the worst part of my week. This is worse than my insane Gomso class who roll around yelling at me for 40 minutes. This is worse than my 6th graders who insult me in Korean because they think I don't understand. I hate this more than when we get Soondae for lunch and my coteacher describes it's ingredients to me and emptying the trap in our bathroom drain is a joy in comparison. 

And the thing is, one small change could make this bearable.

My nemesis:

See that broom? It comes up to just above my knee. This is the size of all brooms in Korea.

I get it. Asian people are short. I am a short person and I appreciate things which are at short-person height but there are a few issues I have with this:

 - Koreans are actually taller than the Asian average (according to this totally reliable forum post I found!)
 - these brooms are too small for CHILDREN to use comfortably
 - you can make bigger brooms. I have seen them in Korea

After 15 minutes, I'm bent over like an ajumma and I have to creak myself into a standing position. I do the same thing when I use our sink and kitchen table and yet our cupboards at home are too tall for me to reach without a chair.

Okay, end whinge. Back to our regularly scheduled blogging about food/travel.

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