Sunday, May 15, 2011

Korean Things I Have Eaten

It's getting hot already in Korea, over the weekend our apartment got up to 27 degrees and we've started using our beloved air con already. If you're new to Korea or thinking about coming: Get Aircon. We might live in a shoebox but it's icy cold over summer and our solace from the heat and humidity.

The heat means many other things to me but at the moment it means the restocking of convenience store freezers with frozen Korean delicacies. I've already sampled the sweet potato popsicle and dippin dots and "Jaws," on to something more substantial.

Icecream by the shop down the road, shatter manicure by the Daegu Herbal Festival
Intensive googling helped me discover this ice cream is called zack-rich in Japan, or 'Waukeuwaku' in Korean, which is supposedly the sound it makes when you eat it. It's like a Tip-Top trumpet but flatter and more triangular, this article translated says that 'whipping his hands flat on the bottom inverse trigonometric structure well designed and made in the center's cut was so convenient to eat.'


Anyone who's received a Korean care package from me has probably tasted Crunky, the best named chocolate in the world. That's what coats the top of the cone, and inside is creamy dreamy vanilla ice cream. Like most Asian countries, Korea doesn't consume a lot of dairy so I was expecting the ice cream here to be crap, but what I've tasted is surprisingly good and has a soft-serve-ish consistency. For 1500 won ($2) I'll definitely be treating myself to a waukeuwaku session again.

Until next time, 맛있어요!


  1. I love these cones!! I compare them to Choco Tacos, not exactly the same, but close enough. Yum!

  2. Korea does icecream/popsicles really well, except for most of the red bean flavoured stuff. Ick.

  3. Ahh the good old crunky...